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Inviting vidyarthis for studying Krishna Yajur Vedam and Shukla Yajur vedam in the patashala. Click here to Contact Dr TV
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Scholarships for Vidyarthis
Patashala invites interested contributors to sponsor scholarships to vidyarthis for study of vedas.
Navarathri pooja vidhi
Patashala invites persons who wish to sponsor monthly expenses of students ( Rs 2500/- per student)
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Sri Swaminathar Veda patashala has been instituted with the sincere objective of imparting our own Vedic education and culture to persevering students who wish to study the same in the traditional gurukulam system. Dr T Vasudevan, a medical practitioner by profession was charged with the divine dispensation to begin such a venture on reading these books.
Strangely, things seem to come together immediately when he found a retired head-mistress Smt. Saraswathi willing to donate her entire house for this noble cause. He quickly found an able administrator in Sri Ganapathi, a retired Bank manager willing to help him run the patashala.
Thereafter, when he was in search for a guru who could live and teach the Vedas in the premises, Brahma Sri Senthilnatha Ganapatigal from Thiruvannamalai came forward to supervise and nominated his disciple to take this role and thus was born Sri Swaminathar Veda patashala under the auspices of the trust under the same name that was created. Thus, he gave a supportive hand to us during our formative years.
The patashala is in Thirupathiripuliyur (Cuddalore, South India). This place is where the public at large had the rare opportunity of witnessing the divinity protecting Saint Appar, in the Sri Padaleeswarar temple in Cuddalore.
The inspiration to begin this Veda patashala was Mahaperiyava Sri Chandrasekhara Saraswathi Swamigal through his monumental work penned by Ra Ganapathi in the set of books "Deivathin Kural".

Dr T Vasudevan performing Agnihotram

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